"A Cold and Rainy, Wind Whirly Day", like the other stories, is based upon a real event with the La Fon-Cox Family. During a rainy day, the family stayed in and played hide and seek. While eating lunch, Saboo began asking how someone can ask Jesus into their heart. Mommy bear explained that anyone could ask Jesus into their heart anywhere at anytime. So, while sitting at their dining room table Kooshla and Saboo prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts!

"Meet the Huggabear Family!" is the first book of the series. This story introduces the Bearwood Forest, the town of Bearford Falls and the members of the Huggabear Family. This story teaches children to give their hopes and dreams to God who loves to bless us with the desires of our hearts!

"The Great Dinosaur Discover" is based upon a day when Kooshla and Saboo's cousin Koba comes to play with his dinosaur toys. The cubs use their imaginations to travel back in time to the land of dinosaurs. Their playtime spurs on many questions about where dinosaurs might be in the Bible. This story takes children on a fun-filled adventure and alsoteaches scriptures which help explain more about how and when God created dinosaurs.

"Heavenly Castles" is the second book of the series and introduces one of Kooshla and Saboo's imaginary friends, Dralligar, a great big, purple headed green dragon with yellow polka dots. This story teaches children that Jesus is the King of kings and all of His children are princes and princesses! It also teaches that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us, heavenly castles in the realms of glory!

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"Promises of the Forest Berry Fairies" takes place in the springtime when all of the forest berries are ripe and ready for picking. All of the Huggabear and La Bear Family members come together to harvest the berries, have lunch and spend time together. In this book, the Huggabear cubs learn how God keeps His promises to us and so we should learn to keep our promises too.

When the proclamation is made throughout heaven that Jesus Christ, the King of all kings has decided to go to earth to give His life for the sins of mankind, the angels of heaven must prepare a song to announce His birth. As they do, they seek answers to their many questions about The Plan of Salvation and learn just how much Jehovah God and Jesus His Only Son, love the people of earth.

"We LOVE the U.S.A!" takes place on the 4th of July in the Bearwood Forest. While Mommy and Daddy Huggabear decorate the house they teach the children important things all Americans should know; elements of flag code, what freedom is and why everyone should honor and respect our Veterans. The cubs also learn what God's Word says about the blessings He  brings when a country humbly prays to the Lord.

It's springtime in the Bearwood Forest and the Huggabear cubs can't wait to play in the colorful flowers of the meadow. When they get there, they meet a critter with fur of a color like they have never seen. Learn with the Huggabear cubs the lesson Mommy teaches them about God being a wonderful artist and how He created all kinds of critters in all kinds of colors and that He loves all of His creations very much! Also, meet Kooshla, Saboo and Tanuuk's new baby cousin, Tallulah-loo!

When the Huggabear cubs announce they are going to build a rocket and fly to the moon, Mommy and Daddy Huggabear do all they can to help their imaginative little cubs take their adventure. When they arrive, they discover the moon isn’t made of cheese but something else delicious to eat, and they make a new friend, an alien named Flocka-dikka-do from the planet Xenon-a-Don! Soar through the stars to play with the Huggabears on the moon and learn that God, Jehovah, is the Creator of the heavens and everything and everyone in them! He is the God of the Galaxies!
This book was published on July 20, 2019, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. It is also the 10th Huggabear story and was part of the celebration for The Huggabear Children's Project, Inc. nonprofit organization, 10 year anniversary on June 5, 2019.

"The Family Gift" is the story which introduces the new addition to the Huggabear Family, Baby Tanuushka or Tanuuk for short. Based upon the arrival of the real Tanuuk, Samuel La Fon-Coxwho was born a couple of weeks before Christmas. This story not only tells of the birth of the baby Huggabear cub, it also teaches the most beautiful story of love, hope and joy, the story about the birth of Jesus Chirist and the true meaning of Christmas!

​​​It is the day before Thanksgiving in the town of Bearford Falls. The Huggabear Family has  been busy making pies to give to their family and friends to show them how thankful they are for them. Kooshla, Saboo and Tanuuk are so excited to have some pie, and when they do, they learn that the BEST pies in the world are Precious Pies! What are Precious Pies? You have to read the story to find out!

"Cooking With Kooshla and Saboo - Favorite Family Recipes"
This is not a story book but a fun and scripture filled cook book that was put together by several members of the Huggabear Family. This book was not just the work of Angelique La Fon-Cox but also of her daughter Aven, who loves to cook and wanted to create a cook book of some of the family's favorite recipes. There are plans for more cook books to come, but we hope your family will enjoy this one until then!