The "Tales of The Huggabears" are based upon the lives of
three very real children, All three of the children love Jesus and
try hard to follow God's Word on a daily basis. They also LOVE
to tell others about the love of Jesus and the teachings

of God's Holy Word, the Bible. Aven is the oldest girl,
MaCaedyn is the youngest girl and Samuel is the baby of the family.
These three highly energetic and highly intelligent children
love to play and create using their imaginations--and their
mama listens closely!
Each story is based on a real-life event that took place while
either playing in their room, in the backyard or while
out and about having adventures. Angelique writes down
the adventures these little ones have and then turns
them into fun-filled stories that teach family values,
lessons from God's Word and the love of Jesus! Angelique
has written well over forty outlines for stories and receives ideas

for new books daily!

Aven: Saboo
hen Aven was a baby she loved to listen to the Veggie Tales Silly Song: "Song of the Cebu". We had to play it for her over and over again in the car and sing it to her when in the house. Through all of that we started calling her "Cebu" but for the stories, we didn't want to spell it like that, after all, she is a bear, not a cow! 
Aven has a powerful imagination and is an excellent award-winning artist. She is constantly creating, designing or directing something and uses her talents for Jesus! She loves to help make clothes for the Huggabear family and also helps in setting up the scenes and taking photographs for the books. 

MaCaedyn: Kooshla
MaCaedyn received her name after Angelique stayed up one night with her. The movie "Million Dollar Baby" was on and Angelique heard the nickname that was given to the character. The next day she mentioned it to her husband and Aven heard her and thought she said "Kooshla" she began calling her little sister Kooshla and the name from that day on stuck!
MaCaedyn is a very energetic little girl with a great imagination, a heart that is full of the love of Jesus, and witty sense of humor who brings lots of laughter to the household. MaCaedyn was pretty little for the production of the first eight books and doesn't remember as much as Aven does, but she is very excited to help create new books to come and also being an award-winning artist herself will be a great help!

Samuel: Tanuushka or Tanuuk for short!
When Angelique began the book series there were only two children in her family, Aven, and MaCaedyn: Kooshla and Saboo. The first eight titles were called "A Tale of Kooshla and Saboo" with subtitles. When God blessed the family with their little boy Samuel they introduced his character in his own book "The Family" Gift". As time went on though Samuel thought he needed to have his bear's name as part of the title--and mama agreed! So now the books are known as
"The Tales of The Huggaears"!
Samuel is a brilliant, hardworking and sweet little boy who loves to tell people about Jesus. He has no memories of the first eight books being created and is looking forward to helping build new sets and take photos for the new books to come. He too has a GREAT imagination and has already contributed several stories which will come in the future of the Bearwood Forest!

The wonderful and beautiful scenes of the little town of Bearford Falls that lie within the Bearwood Forest are all created with lots of love by the La Fon-Cox Family. Angelique's husband Josh builds the sets with a variety of materials such as wood, foam and plaster cloth. Then the entire family gets into the fun of the painting, decorating and adding the finishing touches that go into creating the various places of the Bearwood Forest!

To view more of Heike Buchner's beautiful creations, please visit her website at:

Meet the REAL Kooshla, Saboo and Tanuuk:
MaCaedyn, Aven and Samuel La Fon-Cox

Behind The Scenes

Creators of the Bearwood Forest Characters

While the La Fon-Cox Family is able to create the scenes for the books, they are not able to create the precious little characters! The Huggabear Family was created by Heike Buchner of Sunshine Teddies in Passau, Germany.
The new Li Family, which will debut in the book "A Tale of The Huggabears - The Flowers of the Meadow"
was created by Andrea Mayze in London, England. The La Fon-Cox Family are SO thankful for the talented and creative hands of these lovely ladies for bringing their characters to life!